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What is Global TESOL College?环球TESOL学院简介

Global TESOL College is a North American-based educational institution with headquarters in Edmonton, Canada.

We offer a wide range of TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification and diploma programs, courses, and services internationally.
提供政府承认立案的TESOL(Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages)国际美语教师证书及国际公认的文凭课程与服务。

One of the most popular programs is 120-hour Advanced TESOL Teacher Certification program.
120小时TESOL教师认证基础课程(Advanced TESOL Certification Program)是最受欢迎的课程。

GTC offer excellent educational value, flexible study options, and they are successful in producing first-class English language teachers that are highly sought after around the world.

Global TESOL College is certified by the Government of Canada. Our Programs are also registered by state, provincial and federal government agencies in various locations worldwide.
环球TESOL学院是由加拿大人力资源和技能发展机构(Government of Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSDC)) 认证的一家专业机构。我们的项目在全球很多地方都得到州、省或联邦政府的注册认可。

Professional Designations:专业认证机构

• Government of Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSDC)
• Better Business Bureau (BBB) North America
• Better Business Bureau “Online Reliability Program” Online Payment Protection
• USA University Accredited by USC NY (Utica School of Commerce) in Utica, New York, in operation 113 years (website www.uscny.edu)
• International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)
• British Columbia, Canada “Private Career Training Institutions Agency” (PCTIA)
• Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) : Approved by the Government of Malaysia
• California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE)
• Wisconsin Educational Approval Board
• Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education (EAB)
• Nevada Department of Education (NDE)
• Michigan’s Proprietary Schools (MPS)
• British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL)
• Japan Association for Language Teaching (JAAL)
• International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)
• National Association of Career Colleges (NACC)
• Canada University Accreditation pending (Algoma University of Ontario, Canada) (website www.algomau.ca)

Programs of Study 学习项目

• One Foundation Course 1个基础课
• 16 Specialization Courses 16个专业课

All Global TESOL College Programs of Study begin with our internationally recognized Foundation Course which can be completed in-class, online.

A. Foundation Courses 英语教师基础课程

The Foundation Courses provides graduates with the foundation training for any of our Certificate or Diploma Programs.
Whether you are a new teacher or have 30+ years of experience, this course is a must take. This Foundation course has been put to practice globally since 1991.
30 hour in class instruction, 10 hour Teaching Presentation Prep, 20 hours of take home reading, 40 multiple choice exam
30小时实体上课,10小时准备与示范教学, 20小时课后阅读, 40题选择题期末考。

Foundation Course Modules基础课程模块

Foundations in TESOL TeachingTESOL 教学的基础课程
• Philosophy of Teaching 教学原理
• TESOL Pedagogy TESOL教学法

Methodology in Second Language Acquisition 第二语言习得法
• TPR &Dynamic Methods 全身肢体反应教学法与动力法
• Communicative Language Learning 沟通式语言学习

Student and Teacher Assessment 学生与老师评价
• Proficiency Levels专业程度
• Assessing Language Skills 语言技能评价

Lesson Planning备课
• Teaching Strategies 教学策略
• Lesson Preparation备课

Classroom Management课堂管理
• Student Motivation 激励学生的情况
• Teaching Situations教学状况

Developing Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing Skills开发听、说、读、写的技能
• How to Teach Foundational Language Skills 如何教基础语言技能
• Real-life Communicative Tasks for English Students 现实生活中的沟通任务
Teaching Vocabulary词汇教学
• Common Problem Areas: Homophones & Reductions普遍问题:同音词与缩写
• High Frequency Words 高频词

Teaching Pronunciation & Phonetics语音教学
• International Phonetic Alphabet
• Consonant & Vowel Teaching Techniques

Teaching Spelling & Punctuation拼写与标点符号教学
• Punctuation Rules 标点符号规则
• British/American Spelling Variations英语与美语拼写的区别

Teaching Grammar语法教学
• Review of Common Grammatical Terms 复习基本的语法点
• Grammar Teaching Strategies语法教学策略

EFL/ESL Classroom Tools: Warm-ups, Games, Music & Videos EFL/ESL 课堂教学法:暖身,游戏,音乐与影视
• Importance of Role Playing & Games for Language Learning
• Using Music & Videos in the Classroom

B.Specialization Courses 专业课程

The Specialization TESOL Courses are 60-hour internationally recognized courses and can be completed online. They are normally taken to compliment our Certificate and Diploma Programs, but can also be taken on their own.